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Captain No Colon

Please Keep Away From the Animal
"Can I come visit?" " Do you want Company?" "I just want to stop by for a second and bring a gift, please?" No. Simple and upsetting. Everyone "understands" but how can they? No one else is locked in the hospital, permanently attached to an iv pole, and confined to the bed. No one else spends 24 hours a day with their body writhing in pain lying in the fetal position. Maybe fetuses, but the unborn don't count. Not one person, except Survivor contestants and the homeless, can comprehend not showering for days turned into weeks. Unable to stand long enough to get clean.  Having their mother and sister wipe them down with bath cloths and shaving their legs with cups of water and razors. 25 going on 90. A role Jennifer Garner would never play, maybe Meryl.

My hair in an unwashed bun, sweat soaked gown, unruly eyebrows, and hairy limbs, I can get over. Being unable to speak, move, joke, or smile. That I can't …