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My Glorious Breasts

8/8/2008: The Day of Beauty and Light
I have stated many times that I was a boobless virgin in high school. Once I lost my virginity I was just boobless and diseased. I tried everything possible to make it seem like I had some semblance of breast tissue. I wore two bras, I put chicken cutlets in my too big bras, I wore padded camis, and even padded bra inserts. Nothing helped or even made an impact. The first two guys I slept with never even saw nipple out of sheer fear. I was terrified that once the bra came off and the 10 year old boy boobs came out they would think that had been set up on "To Catch a Predator". Kate Hudson and Keira Knightly have the smallest celebrity boobies I can think of and both of those flat chested actresses looked like Pamela Anderson in comparison to me.

When I was growing up and waiting impatiently for puberty to hit me I repeatedly told my mother and any doctor that would listen that the only reason I wanted to see blood leak from my hoo-ha is …