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Bucket List


Gabrielle Rosenfeld Edition

  1. Get engaged-no pressure Jesse, just someday.
  2. Get married
  3. Adopt a child- this is still a maybe, I have to be in remission first and even then it's still a maybe
  4. Act in a movie
  5. Perform a stand-up act
  6. Go skinny dipping- I live at the beach, why is this not done? I am a coward.
  7. Skydive- Not inside, Mother!
  8. Rock climb-not in a gym, outside like a real adventurer
  9. Attend an Olympic game- Summer only!
  10. Own a boat- that will never happen, but I can dream. They're just so damn expensive.
  11. Own a Bentley- see above
  12. Live in a City-not a suburb, downtown in a city. Doesn't have to be a huge city, Austin, Portland, San Diego, or DC will be just fine.
  13. Walk on a tightrope-with a net underneath, I'm not suicidal.
  14. Act on a tv show-non reality, procedural or sitcom are my top 2 choices
  15. Be a Game Show contestant- I've attended "Let's Make a Deal" it was terrible, I'm banking on "Wheel of Fortune" or "Price is Right".
  16. Own a pair of Manolo Blahnik's- most likely if number 1 and 2 happen
  17. Visit at least 6 continents- My joints would freeze and I'd end up as an ice sculpture in Antartica
  18. Meet John Travolta- and don't pass out and die. Also, try not to just squeak and sob in his gorgeous face.
  19. Own every John Travolta movie- I'm pretty close
  20. Attend the Academy Awards or Emmys- I would love to be nominated, but I'll take being a seat filler.
  21. Go to Fashion Week- New York, Paris, or London
  22. Be in Vogue or Cosmo- or Marie Claire or Consumer Reports or People or Time or...
  23. Ride in a hot air balloon- preferably with a bottle of sparkling rose and Jesse
  24. Visit all 50 states- considering adding all territories, preferably both
  25. Write a book and have it published
  26. Have my published book be a NY Times' Best Seller
  27. Be successful
  28. Be happy
Leave me a comment telling me something you would add!


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