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Once Upon A Throne

Once Upon A Time in a hospital room far, far away in the enchanted land of Baltimore...

I love fairytales more than the average person. I'm 2 steps away from wearing wings and forging my own weapons. I definitely love them more than 90% of men and 78% of women (these numbers are fake, I just made them up. You can do that now). Fairytales have an enchanting power over me and toddlers. For so long I have daydreamed about finally breaking the evil curse.

In my marvelous thoughts, I am a magnificent princess with the greatest hair in all the realms and a rack known throughout the land (every fantasy needs to start with a touch of realism). I rule my kingdom with a strong and noble, yet dainty, fist. When I was 10, I ate an apple from a warlock disguised as John Travolta. Knowing I would take anything he offered me, the apple poisoned my body and made my cells turn against me. Then, one glorious sunny morning in my early 30s, Prince Jesse gallops into my hospital room on a massive hypoallergenic white steed,  gives me true love's kiss with a smidge of tongue, and cures me. Then, carefully with the help of a CRN, takes my PICC out and whisks me away to our happily ever after... a carb-laden land where I can again eat mozzarella sticks, Costco vanilla cake, strawberry milkshakes, and as many Reese's eggs that I can shove in my gorgeous, salivating mouth.

I believe in magic and true love. I know my fairytale will become real... some day.


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I'm back

I've lost so many months. I know that sounds odd. How can someone lose months? Easily, time flies when you are chronically ill. I know that sounds odd.
Hours turn into days, days turn into weeks, on and on until one day you realize it's March and you have been hospital sick since October. What the actual flying fuck? I missed winter again. That's twice in 3 years. I lost summer before that...5 years ago.
5 years ago I had to give up my dreams, quit my job, and start contemplating Plan B. I didn't know what the hell Plan B was (my plan, not the pill...phew, what a lifesaver in college). Now, I'm sitting here trying to figure out what Plan F could possibly entail and I can't believe how many seasons I've lost.
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Failure is not an Option

Friday afternoon- sitting in the passenger side of mom's red infiniti sports car on the way to Wegman's. We had just left my 2 1/2 hour long allergy appointment, I called my GI doctor's nurse.

"Hello. This is Gabrielle Rosenfeld. I am returning your call"

"Hi, Ms. Rosenfeld. We got your blood work back and I can't really say anything until a doctor looks at them, but, well..."

(5 minute conversation about my GI doctor's upcoming wedding and then back to business)

"I can't say anything right now. but the Humira levels and antibodies. It's nothing bad. Don't concern yourself. I will tell you on Monday or Tuesday, once they have a chance to read them."

"Great. Thanks."

(After 14 years, you know where this is heading...your body struck again. You know that all the hope and positive thinking in the fucking verse won't change your body. You know that whenever you try to get healthy your body goes on the defensive. {In…


On Thursday I went numb. On Friday I went crazy. They stole my humor.  24 hours without a word from a doctor, the last one I saw told me that he didn't think I was having a stroke, but he'll go talk to his attendings and be back in a couple hours. 24 hours nurses and techs tried to get ahold of a doctor and each time they were dismissed and ignored. 24 hours I sat in a hospital bed wondering what I had done to deserve this, what I had done to be treated like a divorcee begging for her husband to come home and explain why. All I wanted was to talk and ask them a question, all I wanted was to be treated like an equal. They may have spent half their life in medical school, but I spent half my life fighting this disease. We are both experts in the field of Crohns.

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