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Top 20 TV Shows

Top 20 TV lifelines.
  1. Friends (Basic)
  2. All My Children
  3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (except Season 6, no Joss ๐Ÿ‘Ž)
  4. Charmed 
  5. Psych
  6. Firefly
  7. Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (When she leaves college, things take a downward turn, but the series finale is A+)
  8. Arrested Development (Only Seasons 1-3, 4 is absolute poop)
  9. Parks and Recreation (sans season 1, that shit is terrible)
  10. Golden Girls
  11. Welcome Back, Kotter
  12. One Life to Live
  13. SOAP (Billy Crystal is the master of all comedy)
  14. Warehouse 13
  15. Murder, She Wrote
  16. Frasier (Watch Cheers too)
  17. Boy Meets World (Corey and Topanga were my #relationshipgoals)
  18. Gilmore Girls
  19. 30 Rock
  20. Castle

My life has been spent wrapped in blankets watching these shows. Some dozens of times. I can repeat every line of Friends and have no shame about it. I spent every day of my life with All My Children and One Life to Live until the day they were unjustly and horrifically cancelled. When Psych and Warehouse 13 were taken off Netflix I had medium sized nervous breakdowns. Jesse says he's waiting for them to go on sale before he buys me the DVDs. Apparently I only get what I want with massive freak-outs... lesson learned. Sionne and I send each other quotes and gifs from Arrested Development and Parks and Rec every day and find them endlessly hilarious. The phrase "Who? Her?" can set us off for hours, cackling like twin hyenas.

These shows helped me escape my painful reality. They whisked me away to universes filled with magic, fantasy, and miracles. Delving into these characters lives made me forget about mine, even if just for a moment. They've supported me through heartbreak and devastation and provided me with hope, even at my very worst. If Buffy could find away to come back from the dead and be happy, I can get over constantly being exhausted and covered in shit from ass to ankles. 


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