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1988: Born. You're welcome, Earth!

1998: Left Elementary School. Went to Middle School. Knee pain started. Blocked the rest out.

2002: High School started. Bleeding in my bum hole started.

2003: Bleeding continues for six months. It was not from wiping too hard, wearing a thong, having a polyp, or lying. Went to the doctor, they sent me to a gastroenterologist where she shoved her index finger in my butt, pulled out blood, and diagnosed me with proctitis.

2004: Where are my boobs? Was I born a hermaphrodite and my parents picked wrong? Because my period is not coming either. Went to Children's Hospital in DC to see an endocrinologist and he said nothing was wrong. Useless.

2005: Pilonidal cyst started showing up. Thought my ass was planning a revolt against the rest of my body or that I had broken my tail bone. Started caring a donut around in school. Got extremely popular. Had my first minor surgery. Got diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. Started Remicade. Dropped 20 lbs.

2006: Pilonidal cyst number 2. First overnight hospital stay in Children's Ward of Johns' Hopkins. Went to college. Had to explain to my roommate that all of my medicine was not a big deal.

2007: Got another pilonidal cyst and started extreme bleeding again. Ended up in Children's Hospital of Akron. Missed a mid-term. Normal Freshman year of college.

2008: Went to Disney World for internship. Pilonidal cyst again. Horrendously sick. Started Humira. First weeklong stay in Hospital. Tried to change my whole diet to stop the destruction of my colon. Ended up with crazy food poisoning. Another weeklong stay in hospital where I set my pre-op surgery for my breast enlargement. Got my boobs done while lying about being grossly ill. Went back to college for 3 days. Fail. First month long stay at Hopkins. First major surgery, disconnecting my colon from my ileum. Got a bag. Tried to commit suicide. Failed. Tried to save my colon. Impossible. Colon put in pathology bucket. J-Pouch was made. Bag still on. Hospitalized day after x-mas for dehydration. Shoved a NG tube down my throat through my nose. Hated my life.

2009: Connected my J-Pouch. Bag gone. Life is amazing. Pilonidal cyst is back to fuck up my perfect life. Went in there and cleaned everything out. Finally went back to college after a year and a half.

2010: Walked with a walker due to excruciating pain in my abdomen. Went to ER in the Cleveland Clinic. Sent home. Went back for appointment with leading gastro. Hate him. Diagnosed with osteopenia.

2011: Joint pain started intensifying. Diagnosed with sacroiliitis and arthritis. Became a vegan and anemic. Totaled my car on the beltway. Started eating eggs and seafood. Began iron infusions and Remicade.

2012: Hospitalized for two weeks. Lost gluten. Saddest ever. Diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. Had to quit my job. Recovered for three months. New job.

2013:  Got a dog to help me out of bed. Allergic to dog. Allergic to 58 other things. Have to work from home.

2014: Admitted to hospital with a small flare. Cyst surgery with awful complication. Reopened my stomach scar to help with constant pain and to fix my strangled ovary. Large hematoma in my intestine caused even more complications. PICC and IV nutrition for 6 weeks. Hospital for a combined 5 weeks and bed rest for 2. Tried to work from home again.

2015: Could no longer take care of myself and my home, I had to move into my parents' house and sell our family home of 30 years. Tried working in a restaurant again. Built my first home at the beach. Decided that I was no longer going to go to any doctor. Dated around at the beach, met Jesse, fell in love, started to self medicate with marijuana.

2016: Moved into my new house, Jesse moved in soon after. Continued to ignore my worsening symptoms and kept self medicating. Months of begging and another cyst exploding, finally decided to give a new doctor a chance. Second necrotic tissue removal surgery. New doctor prescribed Entyvio for symptoms, joints worsened to the point of needing a walker and a wheelchair. Stopped Entyvio, symptoms continued to worsen. Bought a fancy walker with a seat and basket, named her Dorothy. Spent Thanksgiving on the couch in a ball. Admitted to the hospital for a week, came out on Humira and with a feeding tube. Feeding tube fell out. Admitted back into the hospital for a week, came out with a PICC and IV nutrition.

2017: After 6 weeks, got off IV nutrition and removed PICC. Two pain injections into sacroiliac joints, told they were the most degenerated joints they had ever seen in some one my age. Stopped using Dorothy and Henry, the wheelchair. Humira failed. Started injecting Methotrexate and Cimzia. Adopted Reginald/ (Reggie) Shaquille Rosenfeld-Santiago, a 15 pound wire-haired dachshund, schnauzer mix on 8/20/17.


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I've lost so many months. I know that sounds odd. How can someone lose months? Easily, time flies when you are chronically ill. I know that sounds odd.
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"Hi, Ms. Rosenfeld. We got your blood work back and I can't really say anything until a doctor looks at them, but, well..."

(5 minute conversation about my GI doctor's upcoming wedding and then back to business)

"I can't say anything right now. but the Humira levels and antibodies. It's nothing bad. Don't concern yourself. I will tell you on Monday or Tuesday, once they have a chance to read them."

"Great. Thanks."

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